The MIP's spaces

 A daring architectural project, the International Perfume Museum is a place for the conservation and preservation of historical perfumery heritage.

Do you want to organise a party, a conference, a dinner or a working day in a unique and exceptional setting? The International Perfume Museum offers a selection of nine spaces to allow you to design the event in your image. A choice of five interior spaces (all year round) and 3 outdoor spaces (May to September) are available.
• Breakfast in an original and unusual universe

• Lunch in a place that awakens your senses

• Dinner in a prestigious location

• Cocktails at a unique historical and cultural site.

Les Espaces privatisables du MIP en pdf
Les Espaces Intérieurs du MIP (pdf)
Les Espaces Extérieurs du MIP (pdf)
L'Espace Conférence (pdf)
La cour Pontevès (pdf)
La Salle d'animations pédagogiques (pdf)
La boutique du MIP (pdf)
La Terrasse (pdf)