Society of the Museums of the City of Grasse

The company the museums of the city of Grasse is almost 90 years old, for many years it was the head of the Fragonard Museum which became the Provence Museum of Art and History in 1977. Although today the museum and the Villa-Museum Jean-Honoré Fragonard are managed by the municipality, both in terms of the buildings and their collections, the company founded by François Carnot, recognised to be of public interest by the Ministry of the Interior, communicates the associative values ​​of Grasse's heritage but also maintains the influence of these museums. In fact, all memberships, all donations of works and all financial donations like the recent one (100 000€ from a generous benefactor) are used to improve the existing museums.

In addition, the museums of the city of Grasse are involved in the cultural activities on the sites run by MAHP Rencontres twice a month, every second Monday, these meetings help visitors to discover the museum's collections through the eyes of professionals, and original interactive and mobile conferences. The association also participates in national and European events like the Night of the Museums or the European Heritage Days.


Massive public membership (15€ per year) can only be good for the association and therefore the museums.


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