Support the Museum

Patronage is "material support provided, without direct return from the beneficiary, to a work or to a person for the performance of activities of general interest".

Whether you are an individual, a foundation, an SME or a large group, you can contribute to the development of the City of Grasse's museum collections and contribute to their dissemination to a wide audience.

Your contribution is valuable and can be decisive in:

  • Supporting an exhibition
  • Participating in the enhancement and enrichment of the collections (restorations and acquisitions)
  • Enabling the restoration and improvement of museum buildings,
  • Making an accessibility policy possible for all audiences.
  • Enriching the cultural mediation and learning and multimedia projects

This is a philanthropic act that also allows you to enjoy privileged access to all the museums of the City of Grasse and substantial tax benefits. It gives donors (companies and individuals) the right to a tax reduction evidenced by the tax receipt from the recipient organisation.

By becoming a sponsor, you become part of the History of the Museums of Grasse which have lived and shined through the support of generous donors since their foundation.