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Sponsoring is a simple act, within the reach of everyone, which can bring great benefit to your company. This can be a cash donation or a donation in skill, in kind or in technology to benefit organisms and works serving the general interest.

Fiscal advantages:

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The French law dated August 1, 2003, concerning sponsorship, associations and foundations has created very stimulating fiscal conditions (which double the previous fiscal advantage):

  • A reduction in your company taxes of 60% of the amount of donations to works and organisms serving the general interest, within the limit of a 0.5% ceiling on your turnover, excluding taxes (with the possibility of carrying over excess through the following five years in case of ceiling overrun).
  • Compensation in the form of communication and public relations for your company within the limit of a 25% ceiling on the donation amount. Examples are tickets to shows, private visits, availability of reception areas, insertion of your logo in an exhibition catalogue, etc.


This represents an overall advantage of 85% of the donation amount for the sponsoring company!

Sponsoring cost for a company

Donation amount





Reduction amount

for 60% of the donation





Compensation amount

offered by the museum





Actual donation amount





"A rewarding gesture"

Becoming a sponsor of the Museums of Grasse lets you associate the name of your company to that of a prestigious cultural institution with an international reputation, as well as to:

Communicate your values in a new way

externally, to your customers, parters or the general public; internally, to your company personnel. Your company will participate in a civic undertaking which will promote its image, reinforce its reputation and unite employees and partners around meaningful projects.

Affirm your values

Supporting the museum will also cause new values to emerge in your company from cultural events which bring company members together. This is a way to put your skills at the service of the general interest and to reinforce your company's reputation.


Support local cultural development and participate in the attractiveness of your region. Cultural events organized by the Museums of Grasse will enable your company to create preferred collaborative links with numerous partners and decision-makers from the local economy.

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