You are a private individual

As a private individual, you can provide financial support for major museum projects and participate in expanding museum influence. All contributions, even modest ones, show your attachment to the city's museums.

Fiscal advantages

All donors benefit from a tax reduction equal to 66% of the donation amount, within the limit of 20% of taxable income, whether this is a cash amount or a donation in kind (donation of a work of art to a French museum, for example).
However, if the donation exceeds 20% of the donor's taxable income, the excess can be carried over through the following five years.
The value of compensation for donors is 25% of the donation amount, within the limit of €60.

Sponsoring cost for a private individual

Donation amount




Reduction amount

for 66% of the donation




Compensation amount

 (25% of the donation amount and equal to or less than €60)




Actual donation amount




Those who pay the wealth tax can deduct 75% of the donation amount from this tax, within the annual limit of €50,000.

You also have the possibility of:

  • enriching the collections through the donation of works, after examination by the museum acquisitions committee;
  • joining a Society of Friends of the Museum to participate in enriching museum collections and enhancing their reputation:

 - ARMIP, the association for the promotion of the International Perfume Museum (link to the page)

- AJMIP, the association for the International Perfume Museum Gardens (link to the page)

- Association for the Museums of the City of Grasse (link to the page)

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